A Comprehensive Telemedicine Platform To Connect The Patients & Doctors

Cloud-Based Application:

Our Preg App is a cloud-based application, which means that most of its work will have to do with the server that it runs on and not with your local machine. Thus, you wouldn’t have to download any other local software except our application, onto your device for its functioning! We facilitate your needs at fleeting ease.

Convenient Scheduling:

In today’s uncertainty, we make sure that you receive or provide medical help at your convenience through fixing appointments based on your day to day schedules. After all, what good is a question asked or an answer received if not in clarity and peace! Regardless of whether you’re a doctor or a patient, we respect your time and would only fix an appointment at a time which can be thoroughly utilized.

Hassle-Free Payment:

While sitting through something as important as a query of health, we would not let you hold yourself back for an issue that can be quickly addressed: payment! The digitized advance payment methods such as UPI, Net Banking, or Card Payment, etc. are availed in the app so that you can experience a hassle-free payment process.

EMR for Diagnostic Precision:

EMR, i.e., Electronic Medical Records, is a medium that stores patient-data in an efficient demeanor. It consists of the patient’s previous medical history and eases the doctor’s way into diagnosing the issue at hand with maximum precision. The EMR practice in our application allows a clear and concise outlook on treating a patient concerning their previous health conditions.

Assured Data Confidentiality:

A private link is established between the patient and the doctor through a “unique key” which aids in providing complete data confidentiality of their consultation.Our application doesn’t compromise with the security concerns of our patients and doctors.